Where Are You in Your UX Career Journey?

  • Starting Out

    Starting Out

    Did you recently complete a UX bootcamp or UX-related degree? Need help landing your first UX job?

  • Moving Up

    Moving Up

    Want to advance but second-guessing your UX skills and process?

  • Pivoting


    Are you pivoting into UX from another field? Need help reframing your experience and identifying gaps?

  • Impostering


    Struggling to feel like the expert you are? Wondering if you're even hireable?

  • Feeling Stuck

    Feeling Stuck

    Looking for a more rewarding role? Need help curating your work and telling your story?

  • Open to Work

    Open to Work

    Were you recently let go and need to find a new UX job quickly?

  • Interviewing


    Need help with interview prep ASAP?

We can help!

For most of us, finding a new job isn't something we do on a regular basis and it can be an intimidating process. We can demystify this process for you. We are principal-level UX practitioners with years of experience interviewing candidates for UX Researcher, UX/Product Designer, and UX Manager roles (and being interviewed ourselves.)

We can help you prioritize what you need to do, plus give you some structure and accountability. We'll also give you very honest (but kind, and funny where warranted!) feedback on what you need to work on. We will challenge you and champion you.

Data For All the UX Nerds

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    Did you know there are currently over 20k open UX jobs in the USA?
    (Indeed and Glassdoor, 2001)

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    Did you know the average amount of time to find a job is 24 weeks?
    (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2020)

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    Did you know most candidate journeys last an average of 35 - 41 days?
    (Statista, 2018)

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    On average, each corporate job offer attracts 250 resumes. Of those candidates, 4 to 6 will get called for an interview, and only one will get the job.
    (Zety & Glassdoor, 2021)

About Our UX Career Coaches

Photo of Lisa Murnan

Lisa Murnan

UXG Coaching Director, Lisa Murnan, is a Sr. Principal Product Designer and the author of How to Get a UX Design Job.

As a part of UXG, Lisa works 1:1 with clients and develops and leads our coaching program, including coaching the coaches.

Our team will match you up to the right coach for your situation. Just fill out our (very short) form and we'll quickly follow up.

Success Stories

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  • I applied to 300+ jobs and wouldn't get past the first round of interviews. After working with Lisa on my resume and case studies, I accepted a job offer within a month and turned another down!

    Lisa is amazing at what she does and gave me honest feedback while also giving me the reassurance that I wasn't crazy trying to make a transition in a pandemic!

    UX Designer

  • Super happy to share that this evening I received the written offer for [company] as an Experience Designer! And with the higher end of the salary, which I discussed with the hiring manager :-).

    I so much appreciate your support and guidance along the way, which helped me gain confidence and put my best foot forward. I am excited for this next professional chapter, and am so grateful for your role along my journey.

    Experience Designer

Specialized Coaching Sessions

We call ourselves "career coaches" but we also serve you as strategists, experts, mentors, teachers, and sometimes even UX therapists. our goal is to get you your results quickly.

Our coaching sessions are typically an hour long and are customized for you. We can cover any of the offerings below (plus anything else career/UX-related you want to throw at us. Toxic boss? Been there~ Ageism? Yup.)

We don't require you to sign up for coaching packages (although if a package is what you're looking for, scroll down!

Here are some common requests/questions we get:

  • I've had 24 interviews with 10 companies and I haven't been offered a position with any of them. Can you help me figure out what I'm doing wrong?
  • I could use some help working on my portfolio ... I'm finding it difficult to talk about my experience because it feels so specialized!
  • I'm planning to study UX design and was wondering if you would advise me through my choices and ultimately my job hunt.
  • I need feedback on my portfolio and my resume and preparing for an upcoming interview.
  • I am currently a Product Manager and would love to transition into a full-time UX Researcher role.
  • I shifted careers lat year and finished a UX bootcamp. Since then, I've applied at over 100 jobs and gotten zero interviews. I'd love to figure out what I can do to get me noticed.
  • I have an interview next Thursday. I know it's short notice, but was wondering whether you're available for a mock interview anytime before then?
  • Is it possible to get a UX coaching session for my son for his birthday?
  • I'm wondering at this point if I'm even hirable anymore. Have you ever helped somebody in this situation?

(Short answer: Yes!)

$175 each
$95 for follow-up sessions
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On-Demand Support

Throughout Your Job Search

Sometimes it makes the most sense to keep things simple. This option is for you if you want our experts in your corner 100% of the time throughout key phases of your job search.

It includes the following:

  • 24/7 access to our entire coaching team
  • Guaranteed same-day response time
  • Virtually instant answers to ANY career-related questions
  • On-demand feedback for ANY candidate materials (resume, cover letter, portfolio, case studies, etc.
  • Last-minute pep talks and targeted prep for important interviews, presentations, etc.
  • No-fuss scheduling of calls to talk through any career-related topic of your choosing

$500 per week or $1500 per month

Featured Coaching Packages

Intro Session
Resume Help
Cover Letter Assistance
LinkedIn Audit
Portfolio & case study review
Candidate journey overview
Interview preparation
1:1 practice interviews
Mock group interviews
Job search strategizing
Compensation negotiation
How to start your new UX job most successfully

How This Works

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    Sign Up For a Session or Package

    After you apply we'll pair you up with a world class coach that fits your needs & personality.

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    Prepare for Sessions

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    Attend Coaching Sessions

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    Act On Our Recommendations

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    Experience Your New Success!

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