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UXG SlugGive clients the highest quality work, at mid-market prices

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Uxology logoAs a premium consulting firm that delivers best-in-class research insights, we are 100% focused on helping clients evaluate User Experience (UX) and improve the user-friendliness of their products, systems and services. With multifaceted roots in psychology, human factors, business development, operations, and management consulting, we're taking UX to new and exciting spaces with a business-first mindset. We're in this field to help companies make more informed decisions by providing high quality independent UX Research services that are exceedingly hard to find in the marketplace.

The UXology Group was founded in order to address the growing need for high quality independent UX Research. One of our base premises was that in order to produce the very best work you need to avail yourself of the expertise of the very best practitioners, and that is exactly what we have done at UXG. We have painstakingly selected our consultants from a wide spectrum of targeted backgrounds and experience. All these professionals have not only excelled in their study of the applicable disciplines, but have operated at the highest levels, while regularly meeting and exceeding the UX needs and requirements of some of the most visible and largest companies in the world.

In order to prepare themselves for these challenging tasks, our consultants hail from a wide range of advanced studies and experience, which, among many combinations, include the following disciplines:

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Company Summary

Uxology logoAs a consulting firm, we provide a number of business-to-business services, all focused on helping our clients understand and improve the interactions they have with their users, both inward and outward-facing. We conduct a wide array of UX Research methodologies in the field, in labs, and remotely over web conferences throughout the United States and the world. Our typical clients are mid-sized or larger companies which understand the value of User Experience and want help identifying opportunities to improve it. We also do business with agencies, which are servicing clients of their own and need a specialized consultancy such as ours, in which case we are happy to work in collaboration with them and their clients or as a white-labeled service.

Our offerings apply to any of these types of experiences, alone or in combinations; from the physical to the digital to the omni-channel:

  • UXG SlugWebsites
  • UXG SlugSoftware (includes AR/VR)
  • UXG SlugMobile Apps
  • UXG SlugKiosks
  • UXG SlugPhysical Products
  • UXG SlugVUIs (e.g., smart speakers, automated phone support)
  • UXG SlugIoT (spans physical & online experiences)
  • UXG SlugPrinted and digital documentation (e.g., installation manuals, user guides, etc.)
  • UXG SlugIn-person interactions (e.g., stores, hotels, restaurants, etc.)
  • UXG SlugContact us today to find out more about our mission and how we can help you answer your toughest UX research questions!

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