Again, our consultants have done global UX work at a wide variety of companies from startups to some of the most recognized brands on earth. We emphasize this because it's important to remember that regardless of how sophisticated UX is at your organization, there's probably room for outside help. Conducting research for such a vast collection of industries, organizations, and teams, enables us to see how the wide world of UX is undertaken throughout a large and highly representative sample of the marketplace. We know how to cut through the corporate noise surrounding most UX challenges and get at the heart of what users are thinking and doing. We also have the hard skills and educational backgrounds to understand what makes users tick and a driving focus on the soft skills that make us top-tier consultants.

Brands UXG has worked with



We know how to elicit valuable user insights within any domain because we've earned our stripes through a far-reaching variety of challenging research projects. Flexing our intellect by applying our craft to new and interesting projects is what keeps us stimulated in this business. Our reach extends into virtually every industry.

Past Projects



Goal: Uncover UX issues in a new store kiosk so they could be fixed before launch.

Method: 1 round of field-based UX testing at a big box retail store. 1 month project duration, from kickoff meeting through delivery of report.

Outcome: Recommendations used to increase visibility of the kiosk, likelihood of successful usage, user efficiency & satisfaction.

IoT Product, Packaging, & Help Documentation

IoT Product, Packaging, & Help Documentation

Goal: Iteratively inform development of a new IoT product from early prototypes through launch.

Method: 3 rounds of lab-based UX testing, 1 expert review, 4 rounds of field-based UX testing. 3 month project duration.

Outcome: Continuously steered product team toward a better UX, resulting in stellar reviews/ratings upon launch.

Mobile Apps & Help Documentation

Mobile Apps & Help Documentation

Goal: Identify how to shorten the learning curve of an app so complex that only a handful of heavily trained people could use it successfully.

Method: 6 rounds of field-based UX testing interspersed with expert reviews. 1 year project duration.

Outcome: Uncovered dozens of HW, SW, and help documentation UX issues that dramatically affected learning curves.

Websites (mobile, tablet, desktop)

Websites (mobile, tablet, desktop)

Goal: Find out how to improve the navigation for a responsive eCommerce website's product catalog.

Method: 2 rounds of recorded remote UX testing and 1 round of live remote UX testing. 2 month project duration.

Outcome: Uncovered dozens of major usability issues which informed a product catalog redesign that is now much easier to navigate and use.

Enterprise Software

Enterprise Software

Goal: Find the pain points in a financial SaaS product to inform a redesign.

Method: 2 rounds of ethnographic observation, 5 rounds of remote UX testing, 1 round of lab-based UX testing. 8 month project duration.

Outcome: Clearly explained surprisingly low discovery and success rates for some of the software's most important & expensive features, leading to numerous enhancements.

Physical Products

Physical Products

Goal: Identify UX issues in a healthcare product to help improve the redesign.

Method: 1 round of lab-based UX testing. 1 month project duration, from kickoff meeting through delivery of report.

Outcome: Recommendations to improve the user-friendliness of the product and help documentation.

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